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  • Nuclear Power

    ● Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant
    ● Tianwan Nuclear Power Station – No.3-6 Nuclear Island Project
    ● Taohuajiang Nuclear Power Station
    ● Qinshan Nuclear Power Station
    ● Ling’ao Nuclear Power Station
    ● Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station
    ● Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Station
    ● Algeria B1&B2 Project
    ● Huanglong-1 Unit
    ● Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd. of CAP1400 main pump frequency converter phase shift transformer prototype manufacturing and performance test
  • Wind Power

    ● Huaneng Qidong Wind Farm Project
    ● China Datang Corp. of Yunnan YongshanCounty Dapingzi Wind Farm Project
    ● State Power Investment Corp. of Yunnan Chuxiongzhou NanhuaCounty Dagua Shan Wind Farm Project
    ● State Power Investment Corp. of Hainan Gonghe 200MW Wind Power Project
    ● State investment Corp. of Zhangjiakou Kangbao Meadow Wind Farm 100MW Wind Power Privilege Project
    ● CGN Guizhou Duyun Qingfeng Wind Farm Project
    ● Longyuan Inner Mongolia Baotou Damaoqi No.4 201MW Wind Power Project
    ● Sanxia New-energy Hami Kushui No.4 200MW Wind Farm Project
    ● GD Power Development Co., Ltd. of Chongqing Dabaoliang Wind Farm Project
    ● China Energy-conservation Mabinshan No.2 Wind Farm Area A 200MW Project
  • Photovoltaic

    ● State investment Corp. of Dunhuang 10 MW Photovoltaic Grid Connected Generation Concession Demonstration Project
    ● State Power Investment Corp. of Qinghai Ge’ermu Phase IV 60 MWP Grid Connected Photovoltaic Project
    ● State Power Investment Corp. of Guizhou WeiningCounty Xiaoguanshan 85MW Photovoltaic Generation Project
    ● Qinghai Yushu QumalaiCounty 7203KW Separated Grid Photovoltaic Power Station Project
    ● Tibet Area A’li 1MW Photovoltaic Power Station Project
    ● CGN Gansu Jinchang Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power Station Phase I 50WMP Project
    ● CMIG Ningxia (Yanchi) State New-energy Comprehensive Demonstration Area Phase I 2GW Photovoltaic Grid Connected Generation Project
    ● Beijing Enterprise Group Co., Ltd of Zhongxin WeiCounty 200MW Photovoltaic Generation Project
    ● Henan Yuxin NeihuangCounty Ecological Agriculture Greenhouse 100MWP+25MWP Photovoltaic Generation Project
    ● Dongfang Risheng Jinzhou YiCounty 60MWP Photovoltaic Generation Project
    ● Yangguang Dianyuan Dongdongtan 2*50MW Grid Connected Photovoltaic Generation Project


Pearl Electric as the National Standardization Technical Committee Transformer, the National Standardization Technical Committee insulation materials,
such as the Committee of professional units, the China Association of Electrical Transformer Branch units.
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Received 10 invention patents
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Covers an area of over 80,000 square meters

Pearl Electric Co., Ltd.

Pearl Electric Co., Ltd., located in Panyu district, Guangzhou city, covers an area of 80000square meters, with modern workshops over 50000 square meters. As a high and new technology enterprise engaged in related technology R D and manufacturing of power transmission and transfo...

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